The Artist

A creative mind based in Málaga, Spain. Designer, animator and advertising creative executive on his own agency. His dedicated execution of his craft made possible for him to collaborate and work with big brands such as Art of Play, Ellusionist, Bicycle or Cartamundi.

His History

Antonio Alcala-Galiano, more known as antnO started in the magic community in 2009 throught "El Circulo de Ilusionistas de Málaga". His love for the design made him to create several blogs, websites and social media content for magic related entities. His profesional activity detonate to make his own publicity design agency called "Agua Crea y Comunica". His experience and knowledge let him work in several magic related projects around the world such as corporative image restyling, photography works, deck of cards or style consulting.

His Style

Antonio's work is based on the linear design of fine lines, with a great influence by geometric shapes and how these together and intersect to form new forms and compositions. He loves simplicity, clean and elegant work. His artistic style is very focused on colorful illustrations and flat, retro and textured style.

Although he considers himself a designer more than an illustrator, this has allowed him to adapt to all kinds of assignments where his skills have allowed him to generate completely different projects, adapted to the assignments and styles of his clients. From more minimalist designs to others more overloaded or based on photographic work. One of his graphic references is the artist Jay Fletcher.

His Previous Work

AntnO has worked for numerous celebrities such as Dani DaOrtiz, Juan Tamariz, Cristian Engblom or Anthony Blake among others. Also, he was an important element inside "Grupo Kaps" and he has worked with some well known companies like Ellusionist, Theory11, Expert Playing Cards, PlayingArts, Feel The Universe and ArtOfPlay designing cards, photography or animation jobs.

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